Civil Rights For All, necessary Civil Disobedience

Remember those days of the '60s where people engaged in Civil Disobedience to push forward a more progressive society? I missed those days... and felt I had missed my 'correct' time on the Earth.

Now that I'm 37, I feel like I've arrived at the correct time for me, because the USA is so ripe for a positive change to sweep this country.

The Green Revolution has begun. Even though King George Bush II and his cronies deny the necessity, it's still happening and it is unstoppable -- if human life is to continue in any semblance of our current 'reality'.

Just started reading Don Ruiz' "Four Agreements", and it re-enforces everything else I've been studying. He discussed the role of fear to suck out our power.

I encourage everyone to consciously push the fear away that King George and Fox TV are generating with force. We are powerful, we are the ones they fear. The rich oligarchy has always, since the dawn of hierarchical humanity, tried to turn the fear around. Bush has resumed torture as a weapon in fighting resistance because he wants revolutionaries to live in a state of fear.

He also wants people who consider change to live, but haven't taken the necessary actions yet, to be in fear. Because when fear dominates you, you lose your power.

Muslims were not a threat until after USA attacked Iraq and killed millions of people. Prior to 9/11, the USA did not have a positive Middle Eastern policy, either -- backing Iraq in Iran/Iraq war, overthrowing Iranian govt several times, giving military aid to Saddam Hussein, etc. While Muslims could perhaps be some kind of minor threat now, the BIG LOOMING THREAT in the USA is the ongoing fascist take-over plot of Bush and Cheney and the secret military. They are daily trying to knock out our civil rights!
I encourage anyone out there to do some research on Marvin Bush, watch the Loose Change video (free online), check some articles on voter fraud, or read about Diebold voting machines.

What can we do about it? CIVIL RIGHTS issues are the forefront of all these fascist issues: rights for people being tortured (which currently goes against American and international laws), rights for people in prison, rights for poor people, the rights for elderly people to have affordable medical care, and the rights for homeless people to have food and shelter.

Any nation that pays extra billions of dollars to invade a non-hostile country and kills millions of civilians there, while inside that same country veterans wander the streets homeless, mentally ill people are homeless, familes can't afford to pay for their children's education, the media is controlled by private interests, and poverty is on the rise -- that country has it's priorities backwards. That country is immitating an imperial kingdom of the past.

I for one do not want to see any resumption of royalty or monarchy, nor do I believe that if we just wait this will all go away. They will not willingly go away!

Please do not hear this as a call to be fearful. Hear this as a call to action! Changes are coming, whether we like them or not. But right now we can be that change.

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