Zeitgeist Movie

Was just shown this film link
http://zeitgeistmovie.com/ and it's pretty impressive.

Great debunking of Christianity as a linkage back to Egypt and Astrology.

Gives you knowledge to talk back to right-wing extremists, if you want to talk to them...? You might have to at some point.

Cool explanations of Sun worship and Sun God. Great looking video. Entertaining and revealing. "Oh, so that's why they made that movie Davinci Code."


Elliott Nesch said...

Zeitgeist Refuted

available at:


R·E said...

Elliott, thanks for the post... although this video you link is a poor refutation, IMO.

All this video does is argue for a fundamental interpretation of the bible.

The video argues that the Fish symbol has nothing to do w/age of Pisces, but w/o relying on any factual data.