The Fountain - 3rd viewing and it's still amazing!

Just saw 'The Fountain' on DVD for the first time. I saw the film in theaters 2x previously. Even though this DVD was playing on our projector with reasonably good sound, I'm grateful I saw it in theaters. (THIS IS WHY)

The power of the film visually is so great. It covered a lot of what I wished would be shown in SciFi fantasy -- deeply positive visioning for the human experience.

People, can we focus less on ego and holding tightly to this reality and focus more on earth-positive values, de-weaponizing / de-militarizing the earth, and embracing multi-cultural viewpoints? Oh, and also allow people to die and rejoin the earth for awhile ... until they are reborn in new forms.

Core concepts in this film were so strong. America is still spiritually so young that culturally we haven't learned to look at things like mortality or the balances of life and death in a healthy 'earth-positive' way... I'm grateful for this beautiful adventure around this most powerful of subjects.

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