Unreported Criminals - poem by REkzkaRZ

Media via digital download are subtly subliminal,
Frequently falsified facts from an unreported criminal.

Spoken thru silver spoons of White House priviledge,
Ethnic puppets speaking our White President's officious sniveledge.

Don't get me wrong, I love my US of A
A grand cross-ethnic mixer with only minor slavery.

No genocides here, the history books confide,
The Indian natives were more of a tribe.

Minor slavery and minor genocide, quite a downplay
from the World War Two horrors of the evil Germany.

I'm a Jew writing, and I feel the enormity of death
and the numbers of dead are quite similar in breadth.

Six million, nine million, numbers too large to imagine,
We had all these as well, killed by germs and forced marching,
Killed by whips, guns, rapings, beatings, but not defeating,
Killed the children and women equally, no specialty treating,
Killed by old cruelties now too horrible for repeating.

Castrated the rebellious without anesthetic,
All these people wanted was their own aesthetic,
A chance to live freely on the fruits their own toils,
A chance to own their homes and soe their fertile soils.

So many folks that leapt overboard at sea on way from Africa,
Who of us can imagine greeting a New World so tragically?

Best of all is the USA's staunch refusal to officially apologize
No matter this deliberate ignorance seems unsavory, unattractive, unwise.

For hidden under the digital media disinformation policies,
the unreported criminals are feasting on more stolen delicacies.

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