Bush Regime - $12 million+ in bull semen exports to Iran

Did you know you can buy Bull Semen online? I never personally considered it, but when I saw this article about US - Iranian exports going up 10 fold during Bush's 8yrs in office, now $146 million compared to $8.3 million in 2001, which (over 8 years) includes:

cigarettes, (at least) $158 million
corn, $68 million
chemical wood pulp, soda or sulphate, $64 million
soybeans, $43 million
medical equipment, $27 million
vitamins, $18 million
bull semen, $12.6 million
vegetable seeds, $12 million

I was surprised to find there is a $12+ million dollar market for bull semen -- just for Iran! How much semen is the USA sending overseas? (Um, in packages, that is, not personal delivery...)

Wow, THAT'S a lot of ... um, bull!

So when we accuse the Bush regime of exporting bullshit, we are really on the wrong side of the equation.

But we knew he was a cowboy. Guess he wants to spread his love of bull to the world?

It saddens me that entrepreneurs take everything on Earth and productize and capitalize and make marketing plans and sell units, and the workers don't get extra compensation for their efforts.
Does a popular bull live a better life based on their exceptional semen sales? Do they hire a more talented 'bull whacker'?

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redbird said...

WHAT is bull semen used for??

oh. it just hit me. inseminating cows?? noooo..surely you don'tneed to buy that stuff? one bull in a herd is enough -they are pretty randy creatures :)