PrinceMumia song + Venezuela - 1 week left, a few bumps, but now we're back in progress...

I finished a song while on this trip, now I've put it online -- a mix of Prince "Kiss" and Mumia Abu Jamal's "Letters from Death Row", also featuring Asatta Shakur.

Well, we had delays, misunderstandings, assumptions, planning problems, food poisoning, confusion, and I broke a chair.  But now Clif and I are back on track, hoping to grab one more week of footage before I take off.  And then it'll be Clif going solo for a few months thru various areas which I won't mention but will likely be pretty dang cool.

This is the last pic of 'the road trio' of Clif, Franco, and Ari here in Merida before those Clif & Franco took off back to Caracas.

This is a pic from a sculpture in front of the ULA, the Universidad las Andes.  Pretty impressive school.

This is the outside of Humberto's "Colibri Taller de Artes", a school of woodworking arts where they make toys, puppets (marionettes & more), puzzles, bizarre machines, spinning singing tops, and more.  The place was amazing!!

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