New York 2008 -- different

8 days in NYC w/Lex. WOW. We had a blast!

Ah, memories.

It's so different than when I lived here, it's really surprising -- cleaner, kinder, and somehow 'softer'. I was amazed to find (and hear a musician talking about) a 'Whole Foods' in the middle of Soho. There's barely any 'roughness' left to those neighborhoods... Is that so bad...?

We're staying near Grand Central Station on E.Side. That station is beautiful. We've been to Guggenheim, C.Park, the Met, and will probably round things off w/trip to MOMA and a few other spots. Shopping? Done that. St. Marks place? Done that.

I went solo to UN for a tour while Lexann went shopping. (I hope Obama gets us more deeply in there and less deeply in with the torturers. Saw a book in UN by Colon Powell where he had a quote "I would shut down Guantanamo this afternoon, not tomorrow", but bring prisoners into US judicial system, and he went on about how it was hurting US internationally. I'm no huge fan of Powell, but he sure got the Bush Jr shaft.) I don't know if/when it will happen, but a united Earth govt does not have to be oppressive or totalitarian, and I'd like to see it happen in a positive way. I have no idea what it would look like. I was surprised to know the UN has a branch that was solely devoted to ending colonialism. While that branch had been quite successful, they did not address anything abstract like economic or cultural colonialism, but even so just getting the dominators OUT of countries is a big thing.

Been staying at the Dore pad. Love it. It's awesome. We're in a great neighborhood, surrounded by Dore's amazing artwork, and it's very pleasant.

Happy days!

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