Obsessed w/Rogue Likes -- newest fav = Dungeon Crawl (Tiles)

I'm not sure why, but I buy (or dload) games and find I play them for a few weeks then stop. They lose their fun factor so fast by repetition and rote.

Why does'nt that happen with Rogue-Likes?!?!? (If you don't know Rogue-Likes, here's the Wikipedia link.)

I like the concepts of:

  • every game is different,

  • no 'true' game balance,

  • characters can be all over the map,

  • hard to win,

  • easy to die,

  • Graphics come second to the exploration fun.
The only thing missing for me with these games is something that doesn't only go after 'killing things' to improve experience. This one point has never made sense to me. If you look at warriors & military, the more they kill perhaps makes the people stronger & colder, but it often backlashes and causes pain, heartache, and shell shock.

I feel I've grown and gained a lot in experience simply by travelling around the world, learning languages, becoming exposed to other cultures, having diverse relationships, and by NOT killing anyone.

So I'm hooked up DungeonCrawl. It's ... awesome. And yes, I cheat (and you can too -- click here) -- but it doesn't help me much.

When I had a Palm Treo, it was iLarn and iRogue. The iPhone doesn't really have a great adaptation (although I did buy Rogue Touch ... and was disappointed by a lot of it).

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