Capitalism: A Love Story

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Great movie, should be required education for all!
by REkz (movies profile) Oct 3, 2009

Michael Moore, no matter what the (deceitful) media says about him, makes entertaining documentaries. And informative. And 'rabble rousing'. And frankly, inspiring.

STAND UP, America! If you help defend the rights of working people in the USA, you are defending them all around the world! The USA has the spotlight of corporate media, and we can help everyone on Earth by our actions today & tomorrow.

While Michael Moore often goes for the 'crying shots', its not b/c he forces them to happen (or making people 'act'), it's b/c people are crying ALL AROUND the USA: Americans are losing their jobs, their homes, their lives (cellphone induced brain cancer & cigarette induced lung cancer, obesity from meat additives, new forms of diseases from GM foods), and our foreign policy isn't helping other non-agressive countries which the USA illegally invaded, either.
How many dead Iraqi's are needed before the USA ends a policy which has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions of people? Did you know Iraq was an ally for years, getting billions in dollars (in weapons, food, medicine) before Saddam Hussein became the 'world bad guy'? Did you know Saddam Hussein was an ally for years? Did you know he helped the CIA in illegally overthrowing the Iranian (democratically elected) government?
The truth is so much harder to believe than fiction!

The reality is -- Bush & Cheney sold out the USA, attempted to bankrupt the country, and take over. When the govt gave a bailout to the worst offenders, instead of allowing 'free market capitalism' to take place & allowing the bad banks to collapse (and helping cushion the blow for working Americans), the govt did prevent another attempted govt coup by Bush & Co, but did it by giving billions of public dollars to private enterprise. It was THE BIGGEST BANK ROBBERY in history!!!

If you watch the news, you might not have heard ANYTHING Michael's movies talk about, or perhaps you have heard bits but not phrased the way he says things. But the news media knows what he says is true, they are trying to 'spin it' towards favoring corporatism and the rich. Michael spins it towards the working man and average Americans. He actually leaves out a lot of what's going on in USA (and the US's global impact) -- see my tirade at the end of this review.

I have also read several of his books & highly recommend them, incl "Downsize This" and "Dude, Where's My Country?". Michael Moore could have been a comedian, but he has a mission in his life -- to tell truth to power. Go Michael!

While I'm far more Left-wing than USA's average 'Liberals', having travelled the world and lived overseas (Europe, S.America, Australia, etc) for extended periods, I'm still so often amazed at how weak the Left Wing is in the USA: completely shut out of govt (except for Bernie Sanders, Barbara Lee & Dennis Kucinich) and MISREPRESENTED by millionaires who for some reason can't fully give in to their greed all the time (ie Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, etc) but do most of the time anyway... Here's a Democratic phrase which I hope goes down in history as one of the greatest betrayals of US Democracy: "Impeachment is off the table".
(Thank you Pelosi -- you have earned yourself an impeachment and charges of blocking the US Constitution and betraying your constituency.)

I never believed the USA has the "best way", if you look at our history of native genocide or slavery. However, the quality of life in the USA had been the highest around the world ... until recently.

Last time I was in Europe, the things people relied upon FROM society was impressive -- safety, security, medical, and more. In Australia, they have all that AND they have a "dole", which is what we call 'Welfare' in the USA. While the dole did not afford one a 'high quality of life', it did help people without a job live in an apartment and have food.
What's the crime in that?

Michael's "Capitalism" movie did not talk about: Bush/Cheney or their intimate involvement in 9/11 (see 911 truth dot org or watch "Loose Change" on Google video) and allowing it to happen,
How George Bush helped Bin Laden's family the day after 9/11 AND spent the day of 9/11 with Bin Laden's relative in the White House,
How the oil industry manipulates prices (not based on demand, which is constant) to manipulate the American public,
How President Barack Obama is under assault by a multi-billion dollar Right Wing smear campaign (similar to Bill Clinton's unique experience with Ken Starr),
The significance of Skull and Bones society and the FreeMasons in US Government manipulation,
The overlap between the (endless) Drug War and the drug profiteering by CIA and other secret US operations,
The danger of XE (formerly BlackWater) attacking Americans on US soil,
American pharmaceutical blackmailing by the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries,
and so much more.

Lately, there are so many outrageous maneuvers by rich wealthy (generally white) power, it's hard to know where to fight back.

The Right Wing in the USA is either:
  • rich
  • ignorant &/or racist &/or white supremacist
  • misinformed
  • afraid
There is nothing GOOD being conserved in "conservative" values. Conservatives are unfortunately fighting to 'conserve' a classist society, a racist society, to continue & expand the White Male history of oppression and racism and domination on Earth, a hetero society, an environmentally destructive unsustainable society, and a society that believes they follow Christianity but they actually follow greed and selfishness and fear.

Check out Consolidated: UNITY OF OPPRESSION. Consolidated is an old yet incredible Left Wing techno industrial band. (Buy their albums, or just download and share their tracks! Look up 'torrents', find utorrent for PC, and share your information!)

We are all one, we have to stand together against oppression in all forms.

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