-- nice. Drupal -- nice! is cool. For Berkeley City College, it's only $10/mo, but only the topics in our class.
I'm hella impressed, & I think there should be something like this free for all.
Educational videos, passively absorbed (but you can do them NEXT TO the app).

Here's a few hacks (from a article):
For Safari users
I don't use but have saved youtube videos by choosing the Window menu in Safari and choosing activity.
(Window --> Activity --> download file)
This will show links to all items that are part of the page. You should be able to find the link to the video by looking for the item that is megabytes in size instead of kilobytes. When you click that link in the activity window it should download the file.

For Firefox users,
1. Open the movie in a Firefox window
2. Select Tools>Page Info
3. Select the Media tab
4. Press the Save As button
One thing though. While the movies play fine locally, they are well protected from being easily transcoded to another format. None of the usual suspects work such as QT Pro, ffmpegX, or MPEG Streamclip.
Frankly, I don't blame Lynda for having security. Those help files are their gold. BUT, it's not that hard to 'work around' so you can re-watch videos after ending your account. And you can download these with a 'plain vanilla browser', not any website rippers or similar.

So this has me thinking, why not have HELP FILES that are all video?

I was just troubleshooting a phone system, and any kind of help besides their old & confusing paper manual would've ROCKED.

Future super help systems = videos, a chat option to talk to an expert, maybe point your video phone to the problem & have a human troubleshooter, and easy-to-search forum.

Hmmmm, maybe I should make the damned thing!
& I'm really liking Drupal. And BADCamp is this month! Wow, a free weekend-long DRUPAL learning fest in the Bay Area (hence the name). GO OPEN SOURCE!

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