FOUR TWENTY <-- has passed me by

Well, four twenty has passed. I went w/a friend to a 4:20 party -- lots of ganja smoking, eating, and some enjoyable electronic music. And more smoking. And more smoking. etc. Oh yeah -- I didn't smoke. Did I mention that yet?

The people were really cool, and (obv) the party was very chill. I was only really able to chat w/my friends, who weren't smoking weed, and one woman who's husband was getting really baked. Everyone else was fairly checked out -- but chill.

They handled their weed better than I ever did. That said, it was sad.

Parties where very few people are interested in meeting or socializing does not renew my love for humanity. It makes me saddened at the waste of spirit.

I am inspired by the incredible power in humanity, capable for good or evil. Capable to do wonders or nightmares. Capable of endless escape into fantasy, or grounding in a reality which is deepened by our presence.

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