Selling + Writing

Interesting times.  Motivation has resumed.
I didn't get either of the video gigs at UCB.  That hurts!

Working on project, writing a complete 100pg screenplay in 30 days.
When two scifi TV shows (a Battlestar Galactica copy and a Star Trek clone) are 'traded' between TV networks with completely different production styles, hilarity ensues. The low-brow bawdy humor never stops as this movie parodies television in every aspect possible. Think Airplane! meets Network, with heavy sprinkles of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica.
I could say more about it, but it'd probably be better to wait until AFTER April when I'm done writing it, eh?  Yep.  *HOWEVER*, please send in your contributed ideas & I'll do my best to get them into the script!  I think you can see the status of the project here (my account - rekzkarz - on ScreenFrenzy).

Also working on getting up and running.  I'm really excited about it, think it's going to help the Earth in a BIG way -- and maybe me too.  That'd sure be nice.

Lastly, the 'selling' idea --  I signed up with Google Ad-Sense (You can see them on the Right -->)
and I have mixed feelings about it.  The reason I went for it is that Ad-Sense is supposed to search your content & find relevant stuff to advertise.  My content is fairly left-wing radical stuff, so people *including me* might find cool stuff advertised!!
Another reason I went for it is I need $$$.  I'm running out, and it's getting very apparent.  In fact, I built this button -- -- for and probably should post it there too. DONE (altho this is a version).  If you want to give me a few bucks, send 'em over.

So WHY am I doing all this stuff to link my creative work to money?  My beautiful girlfriend strongly suggested recently that I 'aggresively market' my stuff more.  So I'm trying.  Personally, I'd rather focus more on CREATING things than selling, but at this point in our world money is the way we anti-socialist Americans survive.  Hopefully someday we'll find a more equanimitable way in the future -- but for today, that's the deal.  And to go on the record (again), I'm far more left-wing than mere Socialism, but Socialism sounds like a pretty good way to go
(So many Americans are bitching about socialism -- do any of them realize we are actively subsidizing the ultra-rich?  Would it be so bad to subsidize people so they have enough food & shelter, rather than subsidizing the multi-billionaires of the world?  Oops, I got in a rant here!   Me??  No way!)

I've considered making some 'sell-out' music, art, and videos ... and I think I can do it without really compromising any radicality that I have.  Just made a song with the intent of having a 'sell out' sound, but my g/f didn't seem to think it really fit in the mold.  Will post the song up here soon.

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