Dem's ask us for dough

The Dem's sent me a personal email asking for a donation.  I'll probably give something -- bc the Republicans are THAT BAD.
but I wrote them back a letter, which I've reproduced here:

Dear COO & Obama-ites,

I'm a Green Party person.
The dem's always cave to the center, 
which is actually Right wing, 
& leave the real Left behind.
Then you ask us for money??

Did you know we are called ACTIVISTS
bc we DO STUFF?!?  Appeal to us &
you will get active, motivated volunteers!!

I'm willing to donate IF you take a hard line
on at least ONE Left Wing issue:
Open Primaries & debates to 3rd parties (ie democracy),
Cut military spending in half (esp during 'Great Recession'),
Commit to 90% alternative / renewable power,
Stop all KILLING in fake anti-terrorist (OIL) wars,
Resume 9/11 investigation & make Bush testify,
Impeach Bush for war crimes,
or commit to reparations for people with slave ancestry.

Why leave a big demographic behind &
suck up to corporations, ignorance, & fascism?

*Get Left* and I'll be there for you.

(I did vote for Obama in '08 & will vote
for him again in '12, but it would be nice
to have my vote count for the Left Wing
in my lifetime.)

sent via iPhone-bot

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