cigarettes & infomercials

Someone left a pack of cigs at work.  I found it at 5:30am & I was smoking 2 cig's in a row outside the night job at 5:45am.  Wow, that was an amazing experience of addiction.  Well, I guess I'm back to kicking cigarettes again?

Also Armando Montelongo infomercial is on the air ~ 10x a day for awhile.  I read the reviews.  OUCH, it's a NASTY scam -- a 3 day seminar for people who are desperate to make money will cost $3k, and you can pay $25k for a drive around with Armando (if he shows up, apparently he doesn't attend all his seminars) to learn his 'system' which is basically buying homes on a credit card, borrowing money from a rich friend/acquaintance, or getting a loan (which most folks can't get right now b/c of economy).
Almost all of his suggestions are for Texas real estate market, but apparently can work in Florida.  In Arizona & California, many of the ideas pitched are illegal for these states (according to realtors who attended his workshop).
So, as my girlfriend says, don't believe the infomercials.
Another example of an apparent scam artist / nasty businessman who is attempting to exploit & steal from as many as possible before he gets busted & goes to jail for fraud.

That said, I'm still psyched on P90X workout DVD's and think that program isn't so bad.  Actually, there's a reasonable percentage of infomercials that 'aren't so bad' if you buy the stuff.  But so far, the only thing I've found that isn't widely disputed or hated is the P90X. 

I'm still googling any infomercial that I watch here.

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