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Dear President Obama & fellow Dem's,

The President is very myopic thinking bipartisanship is realistic. He is ignoring many things, namely that the working class is under attack -- bc of bailing out fraudulent 'Private Sector Banks' (with public funds) while keeping a war and a tax break & allowing (public) States to be crushed under an artificially created debt burden (made by fraudulent banks).

This is completely backwards!

I support the President taking a fighting stance (as he did briefly during the beginning of his Presidency and certainly during the elections), and saying "NO, we will not do these despicable things" which the Republicans propose.

No one can argue that Republicans are seeking bipartisanship, so why should the Democrats lead with conciliation to a neo-fascist threat which seeks to bankrupt the USA's working classes?

This is class warfare. It would be wonderful if President Obama would say so. Minnesota is the first battle in a class war seeking to cripple the Democracy of the USA & opening us up to rule by decree.

President Obama, I urge you to *completely* give up your conciliatory approach and be clear that this is a battle. You are not leading the opposition regardless, so lead your supporters, take a strong position to protect LABOR RIGHTS and stop the special treatment for Corporations!!

Thanks - (Green Tea Party Democrat)

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