Obama vs Osama -- what is real and what is fiction

So Obama has enabled the CIA & troops to kill Osama Bin Laden.  OK, I get the story.

Wait a sec.  Actually, I'm not getting the story.  Here's what I'm not understanding about the whole affair:
  • Did Bush Sr give Osama Bin Laden $2 billion to fight the Russians -- and then ask him to attack the USA as a false flag attack?  Media hasn't investigated.
  • Why did Bush Jr have a 'no flight' alert, but then use US tax money to buy all the Bin Laden family free flights to Paris? - Hello media?  Any explanations here?
  • When Osama Bin Laden got away from US forces every time, why did it seem like the USA armed forces were given orders to leave him an escape route?  Was it so the USA could continue to fight a war against whomever we want?  Is the 'Al Queada', the mysterious nation-less group of terrorists a convenient cover story to an American offensive to take control of the world's oil?  -- Any media commentary here?
  • What about the POW's in Guantanamo still?  (Wait, I'm sorry, I didn't mean POW's, I meant 'enemy combatants'.)  Why is the USA torturing them & not allowing them to have their day in court with lawyers to face their charges?
  • What exactly is the definition of terrorism?  Is the USA terrorizing Iraqi citizens?  When the USA uses rendition & secret military prisons, is that terrorism?  Does invading a non-threatening country count as terrorism?  What about nuclear bombing a country, or using drones to go into another country's borders & kill civilians?  I'm just wondering here.
  • Why is the USA fighting a war against a group that hasn't done anything to us (yet)?  Have the people of the USA become so comfortable with war that we accept fighting wars against people that aren't fighting a war against us?  Is it ok to invade a country & kill their citizens just because some nasty folks are hiding out there? 
  • When did it become legal to assassinate foreign leaders?
  • How can we be the leader in counter-terrorism and sitll operate the College of the Americas, a 'university' which teaches techniques used to terrorize populations & teach harsh investigative torture techniques (already used in Central & South America)?
  • Why doesn't Bush use his 'inside connections' with the Bin Laden family to get the USA some answers on what really happened?
  • Why didn't Cheney & Bush have to testify under oath, separately, about the 9/11 attacks?  Why did we never get info on why Cheney ordered planes to stand down instead of shoot down those attacking flights?  And why did Bush sit still for 14 minutes after being informed the USA was under attack?
I probably have a few more questions to ask Obama about Osama, but this seems like a good start.

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