QIK video #1 - -Exxon Mobil $11 billion

First QIK video, an app that lets me stream or record & post video from my iPhone.   The future has arrived, I may hold off a little longer on getting a new video camera.

re: Exxon Mobil $11bil in first quarter, record profits according to news media -- Washington Post link:
I filled my gas tank after work, felt somewhat abused at paying $55 to fill up, when I recall that before Bush Jr I paid approx $15 or so.  The media, the govt, & def gas co's want us to forget that prices have gone up 4x on speculation primarily and not b/c of lack of supply.
That said, I'm guessing we are near the peak oil point, although some argue we passed peak oil.  I guess we can't know until WikiLeaks posts something telling us the truth, since we don't seem to be able to rely on the government or private business to tell us the truth about our own natural resources!!!  (WTF???)

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