MoSqUiTo - VnV Hero

MoSqUiTo - Villains & Vigilantes game on
Secret ID: None       Level: 1       XP: 0

STATS: Str 12, End 14, Agi 37, Int 14, Cha 6
Hit Points: 40 Power: 77

1 - Absorption - POWER SUCK - Upon contact, drains 1d3 powers per touch, PR=1 per touch, can hold max 5 powers at once. Can't pick which power(s) drained. When drains 3 powers, also drains a Weakness (if there is a weakness). Target may be stunned (target makes END save). Powers last 1 hour, then return to source character -- unless MoSqUiTo pays 5 power +1 PR for each retained for another hour.
2 - Height Speed (+850" move, +28 INIT)
3 - Height Agi B (+21)

WEAKNESS: Prejudice
- Former Villain - MoSqUiTo was a villain for awhile, but very recently broke away. In his heart, he thinks he is good, despite his harsh upbringing. But being good is new for him.

DESCRIPTION: MoSqUiTo's early life was hard times. His skin is scarred, he was raised on the streets as an urchin, and it shows. He would rather have lived the life of a normal kid, but he never had that choice. He's very needy and hungrily appreciates any positive feedback.

HISTORY: MoSqUiTo was a reject. He was abandoned at an early age, kicked out of several orphanages, and raised in the streets. People helped him occasionally, but they felt weaker after being around him.
When he became a teen, his powers fully manifested. MoSqUiTo was quickly recruited into a group of villains, but he eventually broke free when he realized that his heart was not evil.
Now he's learning what it means to be a hero -- this is a new path for him.

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