Silver Dragon - VnV Character

Character: Silver Dragon              Secret ID: Chang Chew Woo
Player: rekz

Level: 1
XP: 0
Training: Magic Spells - 'Chi Powers'
Height: 5'3" Weight: 135lbs

Physical Description: A Chinese man with long silver hair, eyebrows, and fu manchu beard, he wears Kung Fu clothing or traditional Chinese clothes. Despite his power, he looks fairly normal physically. But he is incredibly nimble and spry.

STR - 9
END - 14            Healing Rate: .9 ( = .3x3)
INT - 12              % DHO: 10%             % DD: 14%
AGL - 27 (11)     DMG: +3                    ACC: +5
CHA - 8              Reaction Mod (Good/Evil): +2 / -2
Power: 62           Hit Points: 13 = (1)(1.4)(1.1)(2.8)= 4.312 x3
Movement: 50"     Basic Hits: 3

Carrying Capacity: 143LBS HTH: 1d4
Inventing Points: 1.2                              Inventing %: 36%
6 Powers:
  1. Height Agi B (+11)
  2. Height Def (-4 to be hit)
  3. Invisibility (+1 hit/-1 to be hit per round, PR=1/hr)
  4. Disintegration Ray (1d20 dmg, PR=2, range=STR, special dmg vs inanimate materials) 
  5. Psionic Power -- 'Chi Mastery' - Willpower Defense always on, 'Inner Air Technique' - instant PR recharge, can do 1x per hour.
  6. Magic Spells - 'Chi powers' (generally PR=4 + Action, most effects last 1 hr, starts with only 1 power):
    1. 'Dragon Fist' - punch or kick w/carrier Disintegrate, double damage vs inanimate objects (PR=8, +3 hit melee). can't use when invisible.)
    2. 'LightFoot' -- Height Speed (add to move 1d100 x3" + INIT bonus), can run and jump on air, run vertical up walls, upside-down on ceiling, etc.
    3. 'Mind over Body' -- Height Stat A - any one STR, END, AGI (roll 2d10)
    4. 'Living Weapon' -+3 to hit w/Martial Arts weapons
    5. 'Dragon Palm' -- regenerate HP at Heal rate/turn, can also be used on others. Requires focus and attention.
    6. 'Ribbon Fighting' -- long fabric ribbons rolled inside sleaves,use them like 'Telekinesis' or 'Stretch' (ie ranged grabs or melee), or can wrap someone up (ie lose movement).
    7. 'Enchantment Scrolls' -- small paper strips with inscribed spells, strip is thrown onto target to cause effect: freeze, burn, paralyze, confusion, banish undead, make a 'forcefield cage', etc
    8. 'Viper Strikes' -- can strike anyone within reach w/melee attack, no extra PR cost (PR=4) for extra actions
    9. Quivering Palm -- melee carrier attack delivers Disintegrate, effect is delayed for up to 24hrs, or can dissipate.
    10. Chi Blast -- Quick PR burn - can spend 10 PR to burn *all remaining PR* to split as damage bonus/Hit bonus.
    11. Chi Power Up -- as absorb - damage goes to PR score, max 100 PR, req's a ready action
  7. Weakness - Prejudice -- The local (mob-owned) newspaper have a media campaign pinning any unsolved crimes on him. He has been framed for a series of murders. 
  8. 'Chi Mastery' - Willpower Defense always on, 'Inner Air Technique' - instant PR recharge, can do 1x per hour.
Other Equipment:
He carries a bunch of Ninja weaponry, (incl those cool little exploding cloud smoke bombs.)[list]
  • Knives/Shuriken/Daggers - +1hit, HTH+1d2 dmg/ Thrown +2 hit, HTH +1d2, Range Agi"
  • Katana - +2hit, HTH +1d6 dmg
  • Spear - +3 hit, HTH + 1d4 dmg / Thrown +1 hit, HTH +1d4, Range Agi"
  • Smokes Bombs - Small cloud, lasts very briefly (no 'in-game' effect, covers going invisible)

Character Notes/Origin/Personality/Description:
Chang Woo operates with a different sensibility. He respects the law, the police, and general order -- but he sees himself, a master of Kung Fu and the spirit, as operating on a different level.
He doesn't wish to get in the way of police, but he also doesn't want them in his way to defend the Earth from all manner of dangers, including demons, monsters, and so on.
The Chi of the Dragon is a gift given only to the rarest Tai Chi disciples, the best of the best students. Chang Woo devoted his whole young life to his Kung Fu practices, and now has finally mastered his Chi -- and great powers seem to be flowing from this discovery.
With these powers comes the responsibility to defend life and preserve the balance.

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