Occupy Evolution - change that heals

The Occupy movement for 99% of the people is an opportunity for everyone to prosper and be free from tyranny and oppression.

The harsh legacy of the Roman Empire, which has evolved slowly & unwillingly to include equality for all races, genders, and sexual preferences, and to recognize the values and rights of those which have no human voice (animals, nature, environment), has reached an end-point and is ready to be shed like a butterfly sheds a cocoon.

We can now reclaim the calendar (rename our days and months), the time system (end the AM/PM and 12 hour/ 60 minute/second nonsense), and the re-invent legacy aspects of our culture using scientific and artistic insight of postmodern multiculturalism.

Shedding the garments of imperial culture which embraced domination, violation, slavery, genocide, and consumption without consequence is essential for human survival.

NOW is our time for evolution to make a society of fairness, opportunities, and mutual respect.

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