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After getting the same error on the iPhone, I sent the following to Apple support. As it was 4:40am, I added some rant to it.

Don't wanna forget the Apple IPhone feedback site:

Apple Tech/Dev,

I'm on iPhone 4 w/ios6. Been noticing new bug when I install an app & move the icon (while its still installing) I get 2 icons -- one which says "installing" & another which is the app. I can launch the app w/the icon.
Maybe this is fixed in 6.1?

I have a few suggestions --
1 - I have to delete apps to upgrade iOS bc my iPhone is almost always < 1 gig free. If I could see a page (in settings) showing which apps are biggest, and which apps I haven't launched for the longest time, & lastly which *free* apps I haven't launched in the longest time, would make it easier for me to upgr the IOS.
2 - if I could see a page (in Settings or AppStore) where I could re-install Apps I deleted? Often I have a fun game but it uses too much storage -- so I delete, upgr, then re-install. But I have to write down somewhere so I remember the app.
3 - the re-install apps in AppStore needs to be fixed. If I could see when I deleted, what I rated the App, etc -- would be easier to figure out if I wanted it back.
4 - AppStore redesign -- it's ok, but Horizontal list of apps could use 'coverflow' -- hard to get to end of list quickly, say getting back to #1 from #45.

My ultimate wish would be to be able to more easily add songs to my iPhone (from attachments, network drives, etc) w/o using iTunes. This block really incentivizes people to jailbreak -- but I'm not interested in jailbreaking. I just would like an easier way to change my music on my phone.
I understand Apple intentionally limits the music to go thru iTunes to preserve the monopolistic control (& *revenue!!!*), but this is my least fav aspect of iPhone, so I figured I'd mention it to you.


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