P90X 2013

Started P90X on Jan 1, 2013 (my 2nd attempt, but my first serious attempt). I've been prepping for it for a few weeks -- just doing push-ups, sit-ups, and running laps indoors at work.

I committed to myself in Dec I would go for it. My weight is the most I've ever been (230 lbs for 6'2" guy) and I haven't been motivated to excercise significantly for months (a year?) bc of working graveyard shifts. Having our first child in Oct was a blessing AND another reason to get some muscle tone. (He's already ~15lbs & not gonna get any lighter!)

My biggest issue w/P90X previously was finding the time (since I sleep during days), the intensity of the workouts, not understanding the diet program, and my wife not being into it (actually, she was initially & did a few workouts, but she quickly hurt herself).
I've found it's easy to injure yourself bc the workouts are tough and my 'starting point' is not very fit.  So I committed to doing between 1/2 & 2/3rds of the workouts to start, not pushing myself hard at first, and just learning and trying.  Working on my 'base'.

It's still hard!!!

I'm going to track my progress in this blog -- and on my iPhone, and on paper, trying to keep motivated. Taking the photos was motivating -- I was surprised just how out of shape I looked from different angles. Those pics will *never be seen* -- unless in 3 months I look a lot better!
I make it easy by putting the videos on my PS3 and hitting play -- much easier than digging up DVD's.  I love PS3 'VOD' functionality -- in some ways it's way better than our Comcast DVR!
Our 5 year 'anniversary' of when we first met is Jan 1st.  My wife has resumed working out, and I didn't want to fall behind.  So that was more motivation to go for it.

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