Looper - review

Redbox'ed "Looper", a scifi movie w/Bruce Willis, Jason Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt. I give it 6 stars out of possible 10. (Sidebar -- saw Dredd ~ 2 weeks ago, and thanks to Karl Urban nailing it, I'd give that 7stars out of 10. Had mor...e style points and a convenient 'slo mo' drug that looked cool, & had some RoboCop spirit / style.)

Anyway, I wouldn't say Looper was a great film in any sense of the word. But it had some interesting bits. Happy to watch scifi that had a little mental stimulation. I didn't think Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a good job as a young Bruce Willis at all, but didn't seem important for the overall film.
  • Advertising really misrepresented film.
  • If you follow the logic, has some serious incest going on...?
  • Missed how kid becomes "Rainmaker" during his life. Guess that info wasn't necessary...?
  • Had some cool steampunk references, like "Gat Man" and "Blunderbuss". (Flying bikes didn't make any sense but you could tell someone said "c'mon, we gotta have 'em". Incongruency points!)
While I like 'time travel' movies which have the 'no paradox possible' concept, and that time resolves itself (via some undisclosed mechanism which, frankly, makes zero sense -- but needs some scifi name like "temporal particle rebalancing", ha ha), generally the writers can't hope to keep stuff 'in sync'.

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