Rant - Humans' De-evolution into mobile phone zombies

Dungeon Hunter 4 -
another 'IAP-plagued' iOS game
I posted this rant in TA comments on Touch Arcade's Dungeon Hunter 4 preview - an ok game plagued intentionally with "IAP" (in-app purchase) design which is money-grubbing and evil (and makes gamers pee their pants with anger). 

Actually the GAME looks cool.
But the IAP / store mechanic looks like a game-killer.
Meh. Who cares, really?

The whole 'hack/slash' genre is a bit ... sad ... at this point. Where is the adventure in it? Overpowered dudes run around kill weaker grunts who ave no chance, looting their corpses which vanish into money (leaving no blood on the killer's hands). Can you see this stuff ain't good for society?
Domination and violence are a bad solution for almost every scenario in life! This virtual violence is part of the conscious attempt to dumb down the masses.
If religion was the opiate of the masses, mobile gaming is the crack.

This 'dumbig down with mindless domination & destruction' issue is far more significant than these endless IAP rants all mobile gamers must make.

What is needed is creative games that give people an opportunity to think, not point and kill games that make meat-heads even more 'Bill & Ted'-like. Last comment in my 'human de-evolution rant': Bill & Ted, Dumb & Dumber, & Wayne's World were all comedies -- they weren't meant to be reality shows!
Turn off the devices, use your hands, brains, minds, and bodies. Don't just be another programmed vegetable idiot moron who only fiddles with their little 8" screen all day long!
It's pathetic!

There's a whole world being stolen from you by corporations and polluters to enjoy! Better do it now, b/c all those rare elements being mined for our smartphones are destroying the environment so badly that soon all we'll have is the virtual world to live in!
Wake the f**k up!
/end rant

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