SOL - the app, dude! A new form of sun clock!

I randomly noticed in AppShopper website that SOL app went free today.
I checked it out -- and I love it.
It's an app that shows you the sun's position all throughout your day AND midnight AND sunrise AND sunset.  And it looks so cool!
Their website is entertaining b/c it links to their blog, which had a very funny entry called Marketing’s a Bitch: Lessons from the App Store.  It was insightful into the mind of dev's, and hilarious.  I posted a long ranty comment, hasn't shown up yet.
Get it today for free (!!!), or wait a bit & you'll pay $3. Either way, it's cool. Take a look at the website & see what you think, watch the video, etc.

Get the app from iTunes!

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Anthony said...

Looks interesting.