Gasland II -- more painful knowledge 'the frack attack' vs the world

Watching Gasland II on HBO. I'll be damned -- BP Oil Spill was a deliberate coverup! Should we be surprised? I suggest you watch #1 and #2 if you want to understand the ramifications of fracking and the massive BP Gulf Oil Spill.

Which lead me to something very inspiring - Sean & Yoko & Jimmy Fallon singing "Don't Frack My Mother".

Maybe we are on a quick road to hell, but one person in the Gasland II movie called this the 'last hurrah of the fossil fuel industry' and said that this would be taking out more substantial chunks of the environment.

Not sure it's all worth it when we can generate power in much more kind and healthy ways.  We aren't obliged to combust... but people rushing us to Armageddon seem compelled to accellerate the process.

I don't believe that we have to destroy the planet -- but I'd be happy if we destroyed some of these corrupted institutions and organizations.

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