IFTTT -- powerful, simple, dangerous, cool.

If This, then That.

http://ifttt.com/ is the site, the iPhone App is here.

So what the heck IS this thing?


Well, it creates 'rules' which monitor your different apps & sites, and if you (or someone else) does something at one of those things, IFTTT then responds by doing something else which you pre-define.

Like what?  Well, my first rule was -- if I post something on this blog, post it on my FB page.  And that worked.  So I then found 'a recipe' (that's what they call the 'rules') which checks this blogs & when I have new post, & it notes the post into my twitter feed.

So in a way, this is good b/c it automates tasks that I always wanted automated.

But it's really easy to imagine what could happen if this app starts posting the wrong stuff in different spots, or posting someone else's stuff into my stuff, or vice versa. 

Imagine if you have a rule that says, 'anytime there's a bikini pic in FB, send me an email' -- but you make the recipe wrong and it sends that email to someone else?!?!?

And yes, you have to imagine that it could send other people's stuff to you.  Which could be good, bad, or annoying depending.

Opportunities for rockin' new stuff, opportunities for torturous hell!  Let's be careful with this one!

Here are my shared recipes so far (9/2013):

IFTTT Recipe: Email new 'Order of the Stick' comic

IFTTT Recipe: Email me DemocracyNow.org Headlines

IFTTT Recipe: Blog Update, post link to FB

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Unknown said...

Certainly agree. And the vagueness of the English language means that the short title of the recipe makes using other's recipes quite risky. Kinda of like blindly running *.sh scripts or *.sql in a production system without testing/verifying them. Concept is great, but too dangerous to be a tool I want to use.