Re-Thinking 9/11 -- what the heck happened?

Something to consider:  When USA was attacked 9/11/2001, who benefitted?  USA attacked wrong country & invaded it & is still there 12 yrs later.  Cost $trillions, most $ went to 'contractors' (ie mercenaries) & weapons manufacturers.
Bush family profited directiy via Carlyle Group investments, a private weapons/military investment.  Cheney profited directly via Haliburton stock & kickbacks.  Muslim nations -- under assault by USA military who call them terrorists, despite USA using drone attacks vs civilians, 'night raids' into people's homes, and widespread institutionalized torture of civilians.
Just saying that ... whatever you think you know, maybe the OPPOSITE is true?

ie Dept of Defense = Dept of War
ie Terrorists = Civilians trying to survive in an occupied country
ie USA Military = foreign invaders testing out new weaponry on lesser armed civilians
ie war motivated by 9/11 attack = Christianity vs Islam (Crusades) or Racism (ie USA vs non-white countries)

I'm confused why Bush & Cheney & cohorts are not held accountable for lying to USA, for attacking wrong country, for torturing people & authorizing global torture practices, or for blocking & misleading the investigation of 9/11.
And when I say confused, I mean -- WTF?!?!?!
/end rant

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