THE ILLNESS ... almost gone! Hoorah!

Wife got a nasty cold, baby got it too, and then... I didn't get it.  I was the good support Dad, getting grub and trying to be supportive -- while still working the graveyard shift (and thus sleeping 8 hrs in the daytime).  Baby suffered, wife suffered, and I tried to be the support.

And then I got it.  WTF?  I got clobbered by one of the nastiest colds...  I was wandering around (between the bed & the couch & the toilet) making zombie moaning noises "Uuuuuuugggghhhh" and "OooooOooOOoohhhh", hocking thick green & yellow loogies, and snorting constantly because it was such a challenge to breathe.

After missing one night of work, I thought I was up for doing a graveyard shift.  WOOOPS!  That was dumb!  Not only was that night a night of pure hell, but I felt worse for the next 3-4 days.  Wound up taking the rest of the week off with sick days.  Blech.

No, it wasn't the flu.  It was a cold.

I barely ate, I drank a lot of water, spit up a geegob of phlegm, and slept an extra 4+ hours a day.


Almost healthy now!  YAY

Glad I had a doggie blanket.

Funny how feeling so shitty can make me feel so grateful just to feel normal...?

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