Gowingo -- How can a graveyard shift worker overcome excuses for not working out?

I just posted this comment to Gowingo fitness blog after reading her article about Top 7 Lame Excuses for Not Working Out
( http://gowingogo.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-top-7-lame-excuses-for-not-working.html )

I never know who's reading my blog, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know & post a comment?

Also if you're interested in fitness, check out her blog -- it's pretty awesome.

I used to be fairly fit and work out regularly (martial artist, swimmer, etc). ~ 3 years ago I lost my job and finally got a gig doing graveyard shifts (11pm-7am) 4 nights a week. I also got married & we had a kid, so I do my four nights and on the 5th night I 'switch back' to daytime hours & sleep nights for 3 nights. (In other words, my work schedule blows.)
So after 1 year of this schedule, I was still swimming 2-3 days a week. After 2 years, I was more and more tired and was lucky to workout 1 day a week. Now at 3 years, my workout schedule is completely shot, I'm sleeping more hours than I used to, and I'm losing muscle tone.
My regular excuses are a) tired, b) feeling sick/headache, and c) various old injuries.
Any suggestions?
My latest thought is to download/buy some home workout videos & do stuff at home. I wake up at 7pm, put the kid to sleep, eat dinner (breakfast) around 9pm, and head to work at 10pm.
I'm thinking maybe I could do some cardio at 8pm, weights, or yoga. I tried P90X, but that was a bit too vigorous for me -- and the workouts took too much time.
Any suggestions or advice would be awesome!!
If I stumped you also, that's ok too.

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Iron fist said...

Yes, work out at home. Buy a thick rubber gym mat and do the HASFIT kickboxing cardio workout on YouTube, totally free! Although I would say to do 5 min hasfit warm up then 5 mins of mobility exercises first, also on YouTube. Have fun!