Walking Dead S05E15 - thoughts

I started watching Walking Dead bc my wife loves Zombie stuff & I'm a 'let's do it together' type.

Season 1 was my fav until now.

SPOILER ALERT (until the end)

To clarify:
Season 1 - Shane & Rich threesome
Season 2 - Country ranch
S03 - Governor pt 1 (hate him)
S04 - New disease (dull) & governor pt 2 (NoooooOooooOoo!)
S05 - quest for safety & Alexandria

Mostly I want to talk about S5E15, but there's so much to unload about Walking Dead.  (And Ive read a few graphic novels from Library too.)

W zombies - I'm convinced Negan gang from comic will show up, amy minute now.  Changing thrm to canibals makes sense.

Cowardly raider who caused Noah's death & also mayor's son -- The reason Glenn didn't kill him is to inject *a ton* of tension into the show, AND he isn't given enough backbone (by writers) to axe deadweight, which keeps him in the "good guy" catagory.

- Walkers eating Mayor's kid - essential bc it allows civilized folks to be very suspicious of Rick's group & makes it more legit for them to turn on Rick's group.  Also the Mayor can now be less rational.

- Wife beater surgeon Pete - flawed writing, a very 'on the nose' way of putting Rick into Shane's role but having him somehow 'heroic' -- even though he has a crush.  Despite my total disagreement with Carol (when she said Rick had to kill Pete), at least she is consistent: 'Survival at all costs, and no middle ground.'  Rick can't wear the badge anymore bc he is missing a few marbles since his wife croaked (but at least she doesnt visit the show anymore!).

- Carl & survivor girl -- if they can get in and out so easily, the town aint safe.  If they cant get back in, they shouldve been discovered.  (I'm *totally uninterested* in their coming romance!)

- Carol and kid -- while it comes off as humor, her threatening that kid was pretty dark stuff (esp when you consider her background).  Now she is befriending him bc his Dad is a bad dad.  Dunno.

- Daryl and amazingly bland (& gay) Aaron roaming the wild -- unless Aaron is around to get killed, I find him annoying.  Darryl is a fav.  Wish they didn't have to kill Merle, but he was a racist lowlife.

- Noah -- I was happy he went, not much in that character except a missing leg.

- Michonne KO's Rick -- I liked it, made sense.  Rick waving his gun around, assaulting the doc, and his rant was all like a crazy man.  Remember, Rick hit Carl in the fight too, making him no better than Doc Pete in a way.

- Missed Maggie, but barely noticed.  Missed mullet nerd Eugene and red-head army musclehead Abraham, and was ok with it bc they are so 2 dimensional.  Missed bad Priest, wish he would go bye bye -- priests in zombie flick$ = fodder.

- Lastly, Sasha shooting zombies.  Its annoying.  She's annoying.  Wish they gave her more to work with for backstory!  Can we have some multiracial love on the show besides Glenn and Maggie?

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