Lenny & Lola words & Expressions - Archive

My son has some amazing words & expressions at 2 years old, which he may likely someday grow out of, but we will always cherish:

Too Big - usually means 'No'
I lubyou - I love you
Fimmer - finger
Ooshas - shoes
Ahwee - water
Dabo-dabo - avocado
Tito - Tina (housemate)
Ahpahchoo (became Heppicoppa) - Helicopter
PideyWubs - Spiderwebs
Nack - snack
I do it! - I can do (something)
Let goat!  - Let go!
Baby's! - Mine!
Boogies - Boogers
Look!  Look! (then point at nothing)
Hot! - Anything warm
Spicy! - anything with a taste
Soccer Ball - any ball
Play Soccer Ball - play with a ball
Play Ketchup - play catch
Whuzzah? - 'whats that'
Food time! - meal time
Hot cereal! - oatmeal
Hot chocola - Hot chocolate
Pacoco - Popsicle
Cocopana - Kung Fu Panda
Kafabooei - Fafafooey (Kung Fu Panda)
Baby's! - mine!
Eight Thirty - only known time
All Done! - exclamation at 6am that we have to wake up
Downtairs & Uptairs - (hint: we have stairs)
Yogo - Yoga
Double - 'W' the letter
Bah lloon - obsession with balloons
Ah Do Dah - we dunno, still a mystery
Sepa (later became Spiggy) - filler word for any thing
Watch (the) George - Watch Curious George on TV
Sesame! - Watch Sesame St on TV
'Mote - Remote Control

2016 update
"I'm just playing for my friend, Mama" - I need some 1-on-1 Mama time
"Mama said..." (could be Daddy instead) - how he asks for stuff when other parent says 'No'
"I hurt my new bone" - often if he gets hurt, but he says "new" for many adjectives
"My foot is growing bigger" - daily commentary
"I'm a big boy" - he says it, we use it to get him to stop doing baby stuff.  Really helpful for potty training!
"A long day ago" - time expression for anytime before today.
"You are my bestest Daddy" (or Mama).
"Ryder is my bestest friend in the whole weld" - not sure when he'll say 'world' correctly, but weld is super cute.
"Selt" - salt
"I had a really weird dream.  It was a Star Wars dream." - said more than a hundred times, not sure he's really EVER had a Star Wars dream, but who knows?
"Ess ess ohh" - he says this all the time, no idea what it'd about.
Noonels - noodles

2017 update
Lenny continues to create great words, and also more expressions / phrases:
"You are the bestest cooker, Mama"
"I was just playing no is yes and yes is no" -- this causes troubles.
"I was just kidding."
"Knock knock" (who's there?) "Interrupting claw who" -- he def has the knock knock concept down, but needs some work on the phrasing.  I made the mistake of doing 'interrupting cow' too soon.  Ha
"I know this in my skull and head" -- he knows where he knows stuff.
Matend, matending = pretend.

And Lola now enters the mix
Da = dog
Dee = Lenny

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