Marvel Mighty Heroes by DeNA for Android

Quick take: this is an f2p grind action fighter collectible with 3d top-down graphics which plays like a very fast MOBA.

I really wanted this to be a good game, and I just started -- but I don't think it's great.  I don't think its good.  I think it's... meh.

Just like I had high hopes for Contest of Champions, this game starts off ok -- you get free stuff daily (characters, level ups, etc), and you start with a 3star Hulk.

But after that excitement is over, this actually seems like a less interesting Contest of Champions.

At least CoC has tension in the battles.  In this game, your 3 hero team has about 1 minute (?  seems like, I havent clocked it?) to ... smash.

I have ranked #1 in most fights with a very basic technique -- which I won't post yet bc I may still dominate for a bit.  (I will update with my trick later.)

I can't see playing this game for long when there are great games like Marvel Puzzle Quest and Combat Monsters demanding my attention.

My lineup so far:
Hulk 3star
Gamora 2star
Iron Man 1star
Daredevil 2star
Cap America 1star

Pretty mediocre, I admit.

So what team do YOU have?  Have you paid $$$?  Any tips/tricks to share?

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