Online Dating - my The-ARI (theory)

Online dating summary, for me:
  • I've emailed to a bunch of mysterious & interesting picture-people,
  • Met a number of people I would NEVER date,
  • Dated a few people a couple times,
  • no 'magic' yet.
My last housemate married a woman he'd met online.
They seem like a perfect match. Met on in fact.

My biggest success online dating:
I met my ex-fiance while waiting for a 1st blind date with an internet woman. HA HA
That's all far behind me now, but it's a good story, no?

So far, no luck off the 'net, but I keep looking.
I think it's bc:
  1. I have high standards,
  2. I am a unique character,
  3. I seek a unique character,
  4. I am in no way desperate,
  5. I am healthy, intelligent, and upbeat in my life
Who knows, maybe God has wanted me to remain single this long b/c I've got other things I need to be doing? Or maybe it's my desire to never get divorced after I get married?

I keep trying tho b/c I'm very optimistic. Dating for me is like finding the diamond in the pile of coal. Just b/c I've hit 95% coal online doesn't mean my diamond isn't out there.

Maybe I'll meet her online, or offline. Doesn't matter. I don't worry, she will arrive. But I make sure I put the vibe out that 'she' is wanted and I am making a place for her.

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