CS4 - no printed manual, but it is on their website

I have CS4 Production Premium, but it came without ANY manual!! After the shock, I knew something could be done... And all of the pdf's are online, but hard to find. Here's the locales. (Just sharing the links w/the rest of y'all.)

CS4 PDF Manual downloads:

After Effects

Premiere Pro




On Location



This image is from Bobby Perux on Deviant Art.

Update 4/7/9: for anyone out there that feels dumb w/CS4 -- it's not your fault. Adobe has made it harder for people to learn their stuff. If you knew an old version, you have a reasonable chance of figuring things out. But their online help system is a nightmare of misleading useless info.
When I have a problem + a deadline, I know I really want to go online and search for hours to find answers -- that don't work.
This can't be the real solution, Adobe. C'mon!

Here's one example:

This is a forum post about trying to export a still image (a picture) from After Effects. I had a similar question for Premiere. You would think this would be the easiest thing to figure out, right? THINK AGAIN! HA

I know the reasons to never buy the newest thing, but I did it. Aaaaggghhhh

When will I learn? There's a REASON not to buy Windows Vista and to hold onto your Windows XP for as long as possible. HA HA

And we're not even at the 'Cloud Computing' stage yet!
That'll be fun. (Not)
Makes me think of a mashump of Monty Python + 1984.
User: "Where are all my files?"
Computer: "Well, some are here, others are on the moon, and some are in Africa."
User: "I'd like to email my resume to X company."
Computer: "Sorry, your resume has gone offline due to volcanoes."

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