Yello Face Man and Le Jo purchase their Burning Man Tickets -- in Berkeley!

A new superhero has arrived on the scene.

Yello Face Man was spotted recently in Berkeley last week, wearing a hoody sweatshirt. He is reported to have purchased Burning Man tickets at a hat shop in Berkeley, also known as The Berkeley Hat Shop.

Apparently he took off his Yello Face Man mask, said "Can I bring this drink in here?", and then poked around the shop.

He tried on many hats without his mask, and then tried to hump a beautiful woman's leg. Luckily, the leg belonged to his girlfriend, who laughed.

The two were corndered in the back of the shop by the store owner, who asked them, "Can we post your photos on our myspace page?".

Yello Face Man said, "with or without my underwear?" The store owner merely chuckled and walked away -- quickly. He said, "Well then, guess I'll be 'going commando'." And this is how we obtained this amazing photo of Yello Face Man, flying around the store, and without underwear.


The worldwide famous hat model, LeJo, modelling what is sure to be a revitalized fashion phenomenon, a ladybug fur hat with dingle balls, was spotted at a local berkeley hat store on Telegraph, also called The Berkeley Hat Shop.

(No pun intended re: ladybug and spotted.)

As the model purchased her tickets for Burning Man, she is supposed to have said, "Of course I worship the Jope. Jesus Christ, who frikin' doesn't worship the Jope?"(Research on says the Jope is the Jewish Pope, an underground figure who often wears no underwear.
Despite being linked with Judaism, the Jope has said, "I don't really give a flying fuck about dogma. I'm not Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, or atheist. I'm just a human being like all of you out there. We didn't make the Earth or the stars, right? I believe that matter and energy are intelligent and benevolent; the Earth is alive, the sun is intelligent. Religious dogma tries to put a brand name on the divine and then market divinity against itself, all to confuse humans. Like you. And why would I want to do that? I am wearing this silly hat because I'm saying..."
Unfortunately we missed the rest of the Jope's statement when he farted, loudly.)

LeJo also said, "Coke sucks my femme-balls -- I like beer, damnit. And why is there bacon on all the chicken sandwiches? Frikkin' douches, stop putting bacon on everything!!"

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