Have we lost our language to corporations? ROFLMAO

"ok, finally got my SP1 upgraded to SP2, then SP3, and got my AVG 8.5, and IE7."

I saw this line on a website. It cracked me up, for a minute.

Then I started thinking about a conversation I recently had with a friend where we talked about some really confusing stuff, and when it was all done I realized we hadn't said ANYTHING but brandnames & product specs.

And that is the language of Information Technology, and the reason Open Source must win. The marketing teams for software (and hardware) are sucking up so much of our brains with chatter that has no meaning that it dilutes everything in our society.

Instead of researching or investigating, we "Google" things. We "chat, IM, email, or txt" instead of 'real' f2f IRL conversations. I play pbp rpg's instead of f2f IRL rpg's.

When William Gibson & other scifi folks wrote about Otaku, I did not think they were describing the future average American. But perhaps that will be the deal -- World of Warcraft has brought us to a new world where 'in real life' is becoming far less relevant. In fact, IRL can be a hardship b/c you can't trade & exchange files or data as easily.

I want to offer some alternatives:
  • all new technology aims to enable people to do things without being stuck in a chair
  • all new technology aims to help people be more effective face-to-face in-real-life
  • all new technology strives to enhance human connections 'in real life' rather than forcing humans into isolation while trying to reach out to new people.
We have a long way to go before we're 100% corporatized speech, but we're above 5%, I think.

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