I don't care who won what game, or what homo-erotic pageantry moronic cretin sports-tards are obsessing over -- this is not 'news' and doesn't need to be in the News!
Dear God, who in the world lied to all these people and told them sports are somehow important?!?!?
Why am I being force-fed news about sports -- I don't care!  Sports are a distraction, like the Roman colloseum Gladiator games, to give disenfranchised people stuff to think about besides the fact that they are being screwed by 'the man' (the guys with all the money)!!!
Getting upset that your team lost is like getting all worked up about the Pee-wee leagues!
Real News is supposed to be about "Life and Death" stuff, like nuclear meltdowns and empires invading non-threatening countries and killing civilians and being immune from prosecution!  Real news is bribes and corruption and the US Dept of Firearms & Tobacco sending 40k full-auto weapons right to the Mexican drug cartels!  Real News is the govt giving 8.5 *trillion* in bailouts to banks that claimed to "have no money" and then posting record profits AND giving out executive bonuses!  (And Real News is no one going to jail for fraud about that.)
The important stuff is very different from how many goals someone got paid millions to score!
Spectator Sports 'News' (in quotes bc I scorn the term) is as useful for me as all of the completely false ads which lie about the values of dangerous products which I'm encouraged to purchase b/c they will make my life shorter and thus increase the supply of natural resources for the 'haves'.
Don't get me wrong -- I like an occasional baseball game, a football game, occasional boxing, etc.  They are entertaining, sort of, in a subdued, homo-erotic way with lots of males getting their balls in the other teams holes and goals.  But do I give a rats ass who wins?!?!?! NO WAY!
I don't care who kicked who's ass, I don't care about Tibow or Tiger or Serena or Lebron or Shaq or Magic or the dead college football coach with a winning streak who didn't stop his pervo coach from raping children!
I invite someone to explain to me why 'Sports News' is important...?
Whew, that RANT felt good!
Re-post here on my blog from my 4:30am FB rant, where no one will read it.

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