PODCAST w/me? Anyone?  C'mon!
Brainstorm of podcast plan: Make a podcast weekly (to start) which features the following stuff:
  • Cursing
  • explicit language
  • Non-bullshit info on what we think
  • Arguing with media & news
  • Making & playing music (stuff we make or others we know)
  • Generating revenue by donors & support
  • Promoting our own talent(s)
  • Be similar to "Citizen Radio" podcast
  • create words
  • humorous elements
  • interviews
  • talk about stuff no one is talking about
  • bitch out people we don't like
  • review anything we like (I like gadgets, software, apps, movies, & video stuff)
Variety of possible titles, open to voting/changing/messin' with 'em (list hidden, will share with interested parties).

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