2012 Stuff - New 'Cassette'

A new compilation of songs, 2012 Stuff! (click link for a 'pop out' player)
Deceptively titled, it's actually a bunch of some of my songs from the last 1-2 years.
Song list:
My Name is REkzkaRZ
Money Stuff
The Night Ari
Attempted Myooseek
Random Song
Two Speeding Tickets
We Make Our World
Who Are They
Meta Metal Strings
Dilemma of the Unanswerable
Joys of Addiction
Push Bump
Instrumental Mental Wage Slaves
Ethereal Tone Swing
Addict Magic
Pure Filtration
Ancient Source

Your feedback is appreciated
You may also notice the same widget is embedded on the right of this blog with some other tapes.  If you click the linked 'title', it should 'pop out' a window which is a player & can run in the background of your other browser pages.  Cool, right?   :)
(The tape cassette widget is from mixwidget.org & it's an opensource 'flash widget'.)

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