Republican translation techniques & Congressman Todd Akin

If you're REALLY freaked out about Congressman Akin's idiotic comments about 'legitimate rape' and how women somehow naturally can prevent pregnancy, have you been paying attention to the positions of the Tea Party or the modern Republican Party?

Were you paying attention to when the President of the USA was a freakin' idiot of global embarassment (aka Bush Jr)?  Did you think there was only ONE idiot?  (Or two if you remember Dan Quayle, a former colossally idiotic VP?)

Heard what the Republicans are saying NOW?  I will attempt to translate the Republicans philosophy:
  1. MINE!!
  2. Poor? Sick? You can die.
  3. Gay? Non-Christian? Non-white? Female? You're not equal.
  4. Guns are good, and the USA military should never stop being deployed.
  5. Rich people (and property) should be protected *ALWAYS*.

While this covers most of the Republican talking points, they use spin on a few other topics which may require un-spinning:
  • Trickle Down = the rich get the money, while the rest of us work for the rich.
  • Right to Life = disempower women from control of their bodies, subjugating them to the will of men.
  • Capital Punishment = kill more poor people!
  • Taxes = Stealing MINE! & giving MINE! back without the control of the rich.
  • Charity = the rich giving however much $ they want to whatever projects they choose.
  • Capitalism = a society which safeguards property rights & individual profits.
  • Socialism = sharing for everyone (bad!).  If only rich white folks benefit, it's not socialism.
  • Communism = no private property & shared profits, ie a GODLESS & EVIL society.
  • Free Market = the rich are free to do as they please, and the poor are free to beg "please".
  • Regulation = the rich don't get to do as they please, while the non-rich mess up the 'magical system'.
  • Privatization = all projects in society must extract profits upwards to the rich.
  • Private Property = MINE!  Not yours!  I will decide what to do with MINE!

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