Anti ADHD regimen -starting TODAY

Experiment starting today, based on an Organic Health book on ADHD.
(Interesting book. Will re-post w/the title.)
Bought Evening Primrose Oil, DHA, and some Flax seed and oats.

Starting 9/19/2005 with
1300 mg Primrose Oil in AM
500 mg DHA (aka Fish Oil / Omega 3's)
and cereal

I already feel mellower.
Had stomache acid/reflux, going to re-tool the pills.

update 9/20
Took Primrose Oil in AM before cereal
No reflux/stomache acid.
Now having Green Tea
was going to have DHA before lunch, but forgot.
*stayed up til 3am editing a 'stop motion' piece
using iStopmotion from BOINX software.*

update 9/21
Took DHA w/breakfast (bagel w/Lox Spread)
and a green tea
going to have Primrose pill at lunch.
TIRED from last night!

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