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I posted the following (below) on Moveon's recent Action Forum topic:

What Goals should be pursuing?

MOVEON goals should be:

#1 -- Impeach President Bush and his cabinet for
a) lying & coverup re: WMD in Iraq
b) violating international laws in Abu Ghraib & Guantanamo (and others?)
c) graft & corruption charges re: Haliburton exclusive contracts

#2 -- Reform the US Government
a) open primary elections to more than 2 parties
b) require candidates to state their platforms AND requiring them to uphold their positions
c) campaign contribution reform
d) make the CIA & FBI subject to democratic controls
e) repeal the patriot act & other recent nonsensical unconstitutional law
f) demand an end to nuclear & bio weapons proliferation, starting with the USA

#3 -- Revise all corporate charters
Today, corporate charters are given by State govts and subject to State and Federal laws. Corporations are treated as legal entities after they are granted a charter. We need to formally revoke the legal entity status of all corporations (thus making their constituent executives and board ALWAYS liable for corporate crimes) and require all corporations to include some type of 'conscience clause' in their corporate charters, which requires them to put LIFE BEFORE PROFIT in ALL cases (including foreign people's lives).

- REkz, GOD (July 13, 2005; San Francisco, CA)

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