50 Bites!

Yosemite was beautiful.

I had the priviledge of hanging out with 4 very groovy women, first and foremost my lovely girlfriend.

We chilled in our ranger friend's pad, and went on a 8 mile hike. I wore Teva sandals and socks -- AGAIN a hike w/o appropriate gear! And I had some Off! and I forgot it. PAINFUL!

So we all went walking, and in the end we were swarmed by mosquitoes. Everyone had various degrees of bites -- the lightest was the ranger who had 1 or 2, my g/f had 10, and I won with over 50 bites! I wouldn't have known the exact count, but my g/f counted them when she aloe-vera'd me later.

I've felt pretty sick since then. Skipped the dip in the Merced River b/c was too sick. Drinking a lot of water. Worked from home Mon b/c I didn't want to sit at work and itch. (Instead, hung out at a cool cafe. Sweet!)

Just resumed the ADHD pills & additives. Hope it works.
Had oats w/flax seed powder
1 evening primrose pill
going to take 1 DHA before I leave work. :)

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