Didn't land the startup gig -- whoa! Google Earth!

Wow, Google Earth blew my mind!
Dropping back down to reality after flying above the orb...

Damn, didn't get the startup gig at oqo.com!
Must not've been meant to be.
3 interviews, 4 1/2 hours later -- and no gig!

Seemed like a dream opportunity,
but they ruled me out b/c
they said "I'm not technical enough".
They might be right. Not sure.

They had a huge emphasis on wireless tech.
My background is at financial software co's,
and financial co's don't tend to do wireless much.
It's seen as too risky.
While there are a TON of security &
encryption options in wireless networking,
most companies laid off their IT infrastructure
and what they HAVE now is poorly configured
or has major security holes.

Sad sad sad. I guess it's good for India...
but the idea that the USA completely exported
it's High Tech edge overseas.
The reverberations will echo in this country
for years to come, IMHO.

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