Homelessness -- any solutions?

When I'm walking around SF and I see the overflow from the bars, and beggars are asking for some change or a buck & everyone says 'No' as they drink their $4 beers or their $6 cocktails, I often marvel at the peacefulness of the homeless folks.

Frankly, if the sides were turned and I was the guy begging, I'd be begging with a weapon and I'd be taking the money.
Maybe this is why I'm not homeless?

I was tempted to write a script about a guy that drives into the worst of LA & gives the homeless weapons -- guns, stunguns, mace, baseball bats, and says to them, "You have asked and they said no. Now you shall take what is due you." Haven't written it yet.

A Right-Wing coworker once said that he'd personally be willing to pay $1k more in taxes a year to resolve the homeless problem. I think he sees homelessness as a VISUAL BLOT type of problem, obscuring the view type of thing, but regardless I did consider that idea.

I wonder if EVERY right-winger would pay $1k to end homelessness, I bet we could get some $$$ up, and just ask 1000 and buy a plot of land and let homeless people live in shacks there... Probably wouldn't work. What the hell do I know. But what an idea for a story, eh? :)


A. said...

so what do you give them?

I still remember overhearing in SF someone asking for spare change and someone responding "change comes from within".

R·E said...

A, I give out money (small denominations usually) and food.

But when the US govt is spending billions of $$$ on empirial wars, I'd say perhaps the govt could give more handouts (food, shelter, and a modest stipend -- along with drug rehab & mental counselling/free psych meds).

Change starts from within, but it has to manifest somewhere, right?