New links -- Blogger Govt Search + Awesome Freeware/Shareware list

Firstly, the Google US Govt Search Tool
Let's you search the US Govt, not vice versa -- the govt can already do that!!!
Check out Echelon, the info hub that scans all international email, phone calls, and more...

Secondly, the cool list of freeware/shareware stuff posted on the UBCD for Win site -- Universal Boot CD for Windows, that is.

As for me & the world, today's July 27th, and I'm growing thru life. Not always the easiest times, but powerful force in my life are rising to support me getting thru a hard time. THANKS LIFE! (And thank you, my friends!)

Wars are breaking out around the world, and the USA has (IMO) lost credibility as a peacemaker/peacekeeper. I'm not really sure if peacemaking is the US Policy since 9/11 and Bush the ChickenHawk's Presidency. What happened to DEMOCRACY in this country? It vanished so fast...

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