Thanks again Dennis Kucinich!

There are a number of things I´d like to comment on, while I´m still abroad in Merida, Venezuela.

First -- Thank you Dennis Kucinich!
His second effort to bring up impeachment and the 35 articles he brings up against the Bush regime are BOTH incredible acts of bravery. From what I hear from here, the news media is not covering the story, although I have heard about it from here numerous times in the media. Any American who believes Bush must be impeached (to protect US Democracy) please please please contact the news media of your choice and demand that they cover this story!

Second -- there is a video game being made by Electronic Arts called ´Mercenaries 2: World in Flames´. Here is a link to the video promo. So you might wonder what is wrong with making a fun ´Rambo´-like game of murder and mayhem? Well, apparently the CIA has recruited Colombian mercenaries and sent them into Venezuela right now. People here tell me the media reports a number of Colombian Mercenaries have invaded and begun killing people. 80 mercenaries were captured earlier this year, and apparently their orders are assassination and destabilization. Their ´cover story´ was they were capturing a leader of FARC, a revolutionary communist group.
Well, maybe it´s just me, but I find this kind of material ´as a game´ to be quite disturbing.
Imagine if another country sent a team of mercenaries into the US to do dirty work? What would the USA do as a response? Probably attack whatever country they want, whether or not that country was linked with the mercenaries ... (as in 9/11)

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