Solo in Merida, Venezuela 6/16

Last night was Clif's movie's first screening before his Venezuelan buddies. The audience was small, and they only asked a few questions, but it seemed they enjoyed it. Clif was nervous, but you couldn't tell.

Clif and Franco just took off back for Caracas today, leaving me at Betty's amazing Marionette Theater for 1 week. Clif asked if I'd stay here so I can film 1-2 things while he's gone.

It's unfortunate b/c they have both been pretty easy to get along with, and we've had an exceptionally good time together -- even though spending every minute of every day together can cramp one's style, I suppose. I was feeling like I needed a break.

I've never traveled with someone before, so that was a 'letting go' of control, for me. Clif and I have very different styles -- I'm more laid back, kinda lazy, take it slow, and am not in a hurry generally. He seems very focussed on attaining objectives and often misses amazing surroundings en route, and sometimes can be difficult because his stress level rises very high.

Anyway, I'm learning a lot -- both in what to do and what not to do. Delegation is such an important thing in filmmaking as is followup. Communicating objectives and making sure people are empowered to achieve them. I can see how important it is to delegate in small amounts first, see how people handle it, and then increase and increase ... until that person is indispensible, or I know their limits.

At this point, I've handled both cameras a bit (and trained Clif on them) so Clif thinks I can do the cameras (and I can). But getting to a small pueblo on the crazy bus system on my own, finding a rendesvouz there and staying there for the night on a hammock & mosquito net is a bit over-delegating, for me. I have a number of reservations on the whole endeavor, so I said much of them before Clif left.

The adventure continues -- but now I have a bit of my own space. YEAH

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