USA -- truths hurt, and torture isn´t over yet

General stuff:
Just found this story about 25 murdered and 100 dead from US military detentions. Well, I think many Americans (especially Jewish Americans) already see this as the signs of another genocide, but are people REALLY so surprised to hear the facts coming out?

Remember those nasty photos that were leaked about Abu Ghraib?? Well, those were supposed to be ´spin´ pics that make things look not so bad!!! New reports (this from Amnesty International) include torture of children, genital electric shocks, and rape and violence towards family members in front of the families.

Here´s an account of a Sheikh who was tortured once by Saddam and once by US Soldiers. The story includes his wife and child being beaten while he was submitting to capture to US troops. Then he was beaten in front of his family. It´s truly and deeply frightening.

The overall arc of G.Bush Jr´s style runs quite similarly to Hitler. The only areas lacking are multiple front wars, although while the USA has a ´hot´ war with Iraq, we do also have ongoing ´secret´ wars in S.Amer and C.America. Plus the secret missions going on against Venezuela, and the ongoing drug war in Venezuela.

I think the body count is how most people identify Hitler´s horrible regime. Even as Bush hits over 1 million dead due to his policies, people defend him by saying "Americans did not kill those people". So I agree, Bush has not set up death camps that have a body count in the millions. However, he has set up torture camps, and has set up a system that is now in place to deport people to those camps without having any legal protections.

People say Bush will soon no longer be President. I certainly hope so. However, I hope we all realize there are now laws in place that will allow him to stay in office and suspend US Govt in the event of a major US emergency. There are also laws allowing him to have a private military force inside the USA (Blackwater) equipped with the most hightech weapons and immune from US Courts.

There are also many people who believe Bush´s regime had something to do with 9/11. What would stop Bush, or a secret US military group, from doing another major counter-USA action, in order to keep Bush in office indefinitely?

We need more truths to come out. Scott McLellan is not the truth!! He soft pedals on all the hot issues. Don´t trust him for a second. But when other people start to spill, like the insiders involved in 9/11, or senior Bush staffers ... then the US compromised corporate media will be actively shutting them down.

Bottom line -- behind everything is a unity between corporate power, old wealth, military, and executives in govt. Speaking truth to these monstrous entities is not an easy task.

But we have to do it. People of the USA, North Americans, we have to demand that this war end, that torture stop, and that the criminals behind these atrocities be forced to pay the price.

Having that truth spread out around the world, well, very few do that. Thanks Amy Goodman & Democracy Now! Thanks Dennis Kucinich for trying to get that impeachment through!

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